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Liquid bag expansion rod assembly points

Liquid bag expansion rod assembly points

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The assembly point of the liquid bag expansion rod is as follows: wear a pair of line gloves on both hands, and insert the liquid bag into the expansion rod at one end, gently hold the liquid bag and rotate it back and forth to reduce the axial friction. Be careful not to use excessive force to prevent the fluid bag from turning in. When the overturn is excessive, gently pull out the liquid bag and adjust it to the correct position before continuing to rotate back and forth. In order to better fit into the liquid bag, the expansion rod can be sprayed with a little diluted detergent.

The assembly point of the liquid bag expansion rod is as follows: wear a pair of line gloves on both hands, and insert the liquid bag into the expansion rod at one end, gently hold the liquid bag and rotate it back and forth to reduce the axial friction. Be careful not to use excessive force to prevent the fluid bag from turning in. When the overturn is excessive, gently pull out the liquid bag and adjust it to the correct position before continuing to rotate back and forth. In order to better fit into the liquid bag, the expansion rod can be sprayed with a little diluted detergent.

Third, the end of the liquid bag can be easily inserted into the expansion rod by the force of pressing the retaining ring or the elastic ring by means of the retaining ring or the elastic ring.

4. Adjust the position of the liquid bag to the correct position and assemble other accessories in turn.


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