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Brief introduction of hydraulic tube expander

Brief introduction of hydraulic tube expander

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The hydraulic tube expander is a special hydraulic expansion joint device for the expansion connection of pipes and tube sheets in the manufacture of heat exchangers, condensers, high-pressure heaters, etc. The use of hydraulic expansion joint technology has low manufacturing cost and light labor intensity. Short cycle, uniform and reliable expansion quality. Hydraulic expansion technology has been widely used in the manufacture of heat exchangers in petrochemical, electric power, boiler, nuclear power, refrigeration and other fields, greatly improving the quality and production efficiency of domestic heat exchanger equipment.

The hydraulic tube expander is a special hydraulic expansion joint device for the expansion connection of pipes and tube sheets in the manufacture of heat exchangers, condensers, high-pressure heaters, etc. The use of hydraulic expansion joint technology has low manufacturing cost and light labor intensity. Short cycle, uniform and reliable expansion quality. Hydraulic expansion technology has been widely used in the manufacture of heat exchangers in petrochemical, electric power, boiler, nuclear power, refrigeration and other fields, greatly improving the quality and production efficiency of domestic heat exchanger equipment.

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