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Main features of the slotting machine

Main features of the slotting machine

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Main features:

1. It is equipped with a 25 hp KOHLER double cylinder gasoline engine. The super power can speed up the construction speed and construction efficiency, avoiding uneven slotting or smashing;

2. It is equipped with KOHLER's patented dual-purifier and three-stage air filter. The filter system uses a double-layer filter and a rotary filter to increase air clarity and prevent the engine from inhaling dust and reduce engine wear. Effectively extend engine life;

Main features:

1. It is equipped with a 25 hp KOHLER double cylinder gasoline engine. The super power can speed up the construction speed and construction efficiency, avoiding uneven slotting or smashing;

2. It is equipped with KOHLER's patented dual-purifier and three-stage air filter. The filter system uses a double-layer filter and a rotary filter to increase air clarity and prevent the engine from inhaling dust and reduce engine wear. Effectively extend engine life ;

3, 25HP Kohler engine with OHV (fixed intake valve), providing smooth power and reducing vibration.

4, fast stop system emergency brake switch, can effectively protect the operator. Press the stop switch lightly, the engine is turned off, and the tool stops rotating within 4 seconds.

5, 60w lighting, for dark weather safe construction;

6. Imported brand advanced maintenance-free battery, longer life, self-charging during work, more worry-free, more durable and faster;

7. The electric push rod can be used to adjust the slotting tool lift; the slot depth indicator allows the constructor to control the slot depth according to the need, and the 12V DC button control switch adjusts the slot depth.

8. The crack positioning and tracking indicator pin ensures the accuracy of the falling knife, which enables the slotting machine to accurately follow the crack to avoid the operation error;

9. Splash-proof chain length: 140mm Splash-proof chain width: 330mm Dust-proof baffle size: 320× 260mm, which can effectively prevent the crushing of gravel generated by the slotting operation and ensure the safety of construction work;

Engine: Imported KOHLER gasoline engine

Power: 25HP

Slot depth: 0-50mm

Slot width: 10-50mm

Cutting speed: 7m/min

Weight: 260kg

Dimensions: 1800 & times; 850 & times; 960mm

Blade diameter: 130mm

Push rod: American electric putter

Battery: maintenance-free battery for imported brands

Night light: 60W