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Trough troubleshooting

Trough troubleshooting

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Large machine vibration

Causes: 1. Deformation of two diamond cutting wheels; 2. Wear of the splint and distance ring; 3. Damage of the output shaft bearing

Remedy: 1. Replace the same diamond cutting wheel; 2. Replace the splint and distance ring; 3. Replace the bearing

Motor overheating

Large machine vibration

Causes: 1. Deformation of two diamond cutting wheels; 2. Wear of the splint and distance ring; 3. Damage of the output shaft bearing

Remedy: 1. Replace the same diamond cutting wheel; 2. Replace the splint and distance ring; 3. Replace the bearing

Motor overheating

Causes: 1. Overload; 2. Diamond cutting wheel is too blunt; 3. Two diamond cutting wheels are not parallel; 4. Stator and rotor broom

Remedy: 1. Reduce cutting speed and depth; 2. Replace high-quality grooved special diamond cutting wheel; 3. Reassemble; 4. Replace bearing or reassemble

Motor is weak

Causes: 1, rotor failure; 2, stator failure; 3, low voltage; 4, stator, rotor broom; 5, the brush is too short or the spring loses flexibility

Remedy: 1. Check and replace the rotor; 2. Check and replace the stator; 3. Check the cross-sectional area, length and joint reliability of the wire; 4. Check and replace the brush; 5. Replace the brush or spring

Do not turn (silent)

Causes: 1. The power cord is broken; 2. The power switch is damaged; 3. The brush body is damaged.

Remedy: 1. Check and replace the power cord; 2. Check and replace the power switch; 3. Check and replace the brush

Not turning (with sound)

Causes: 1, gear damage; 2, bearing damage; 3, the stator is loose; 4, rotor failure; 5, stator failure; 6, poor brush contact

Remedy: 1, check and replace the gear; 2, check and replace the bearing; 3, tighten the stator assembly fixing bolt; 4, check and replace the rotor; 5, check and replace the stator; 6, check and replace the brush.