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Expanding the internal cavity of the No. 9 condenser using a tube expander

Expanding the internal cavity of the No. 9 condenser using a tube expander

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Tianchen Thermal Power Unit 9 A-level maintenance site, the turbine maintenance personnel are using the expander to expand the internal holes of the No. 9 condenser.

Tianchen Thermal Power Unit 9 A-level maintenance site, the turbine maintenance personnel are using the expander to expand the internal holes of the No. 9 condenser.

The tube expander consists of a single-phase electric tube head, a control unit and a connecting cable. The machine control instrument adopts microcomputer technology. The whole working process is controlled and managed by microcomputer. The output torque setting, adjustment display and adjustment control are all digitalized, the operation is intuitive and simple, the output torque adjustment range is wide, the control is precise, and the application range is wide.

Since it is operated in the limited space of the condenser, in order to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel, the content oxygen is detected before the inspection begins. Subsequently, the maintenance personnel connect the tube and power cable of the tube to the control unit, turn on the power switch, display the power indicator and digital display, select the dial, set the tube to be expanded, and determine the best according to the test expansion. The value of the expansion force sets the value of the expansion dial.

Then, the maintenance personnel clamps the expander of the expander on the nose, the expander is inserted into the tube to be expanded, and the switch is actuated, and the expander automatically expands in a clockwise rotation to achieve the setting of the expansion force. After a momentary pause (about 0.3 seconds) under the control of the microcomputer, the expander is automatically reversed and the expansion is completed.