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Hydraulic tube expander technical features

Hydraulic tube expander technical features

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1. The hydraulic tube expander can perform one-time uniform expansion of the full thickness of the 15-500mm thick tube sheet;

2. The hydraulic tube expander is digitally controlled automatically, the expansion pressure can be accurately set, the operation is simple, and the expansion joint quality is reliable;

3. Hydraulic tube expander hydraulic system integrated design, the system does not leak oil;

1. The hydraulic tube expander can perform one-time uniform expansion of the full thickness of the 15-500mm thick tube sheet;

2. The hydraulic tube expander is digitally controlled automatically, the expansion pressure can be accurately set, the operation is simple, and the expansion joint quality is reliable;

3. Hydraulic tube expander hydraulic system integrated design, the system does not leak oil;

4. It is possible to expand the internally threaded pipe or the seamed welded pipe;

5. The residual stress of the heat transfer tube after the expansion of the hydraulic tube expander is low, effectively preventing the gap corrosion and being less susceptible to stress corrosion;

6. After the heat exchanger is expanded, the axial direction is not elongated and slightly shrinks, reducing the running noise of the equipment;

7. The hydraulic tube expanding machine has low requirements on the dimensional accuracy of the heat exchange tube, and the inner hole of the tube has large error, and the diameter of the expanding rod can be appropriately adjusted on the spot;

8. There is no pollution in the expansion joint of the hydraulic tube expander, and the first expansion is not affected after the expansion;

9. Expandable copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steel, titanium alloy, composite materials, etc.;

10. The operating handle of the hydraulic tube expander only weighs 1.5kg, and the single person can continuously expand and connect continuously;

11. High-pressure imported rubber expansion bag has strong fatigue resistance, and the average service life is more than 100 times/support;

12. Integrated design of wearing parts — expansion rod, easy to replace;

13. The use of hydraulic tube expander has low labor intensity and high production efficiency, and each device can swell more than 2000 pipe holes per shift.