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Tube expander safety operation procedures

Tube expander safety operation procedures

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1. Before the job

1.1 The power supply must be equipped with a leakage protector and is safe and reliable.

1.2 The working environment should be tight and dry.

1.3 When using flammable solvents, the container should be covered and must not be spilled.

1. Before the job

1.1 The power supply must be equipped with a leakage protector and is safe and reliable.

1.2 The working environment should be tight and dry.

1.3 When using flammable solvents, the container should be covered and must not be spilled.

1.4 Check that the control box should be free of damage, the internal components are structurally sound, and the grounding wire is correct.

1.5 Check that the power cord and socket leakage protection device are installed correctly and intact.

1.6 Check that the torque control switch is flexible and free of defects.

1.7 Check the expander carbon brush should be intact.


2. During work

2.1 The performance of the chuck should be good, and the rotor of the expander is flexible.

2.2 The top end nut of the expansion head should be tightened, and the casing is smooth and free of burrs.

2.3 When the internal components of the control box need to be adjusted, the power must be cut off first.

2.4 When using for a long time, the isolated transformer in the control box will generate heat and affect the output. At this time, the power should be cut off and the work should be stopped until the transformer is fully cooled.

2.5 When the inlet voltage of the expander is lower than 200V, it will be self-locking because the torque is not enough. At this time, there is no signal. At this time, apply the regulator to 200V to continue operation.


3. After homework

3.1 First turn off the power switch in the control box, then cut off the power of the control box.

3.2 After the components of the tube expander are fully cooled, they are grouped according to the respective supporting parts and placed in a special packing box, which is tightly closed.

3.3 All parts should not be strongly impacted when disassembled, and the placement should be stable