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Introduction to the working principle of the tube expander

Introduction to the working principle of the tube expander

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The working principle of the tube expander is that when the motor rotates clockwise to drive the tube expander into the tube hole, because the expansion bead of the tube expander and the tube will produce a rotation angle, the tube expands the tube while rotating. The axis is forward, because the front of the tube expander is thick, so the rolling of the expanding beads will cause the tube to expand slowly and closely contact the wall of the tube sheet.

The working principle of the tube expander is that when the motor rotates clockwise to drive the tube expander into the tube hole, because the expansion bead of the tube expander and the tube will produce a rotation angle, the tube expands the tube while rotating. The axis is forward, because the front of the tube expander is thick, so the rolling of the expanding beads will cause the tube to expand slowly and closely contact the wall of the tube sheet.

During the expansion of the tube, because of the continuous expansion of the tube expander, the torque provided by the tube expander will gradually increase, and the motor current of the tube expander will also increase. The current is sampled by the digital controller and the amplification modulus is increased. Conversion, the digital display shows the actual working current. The comparator compares with the preset expansion value. When the set value is reached, the controller automatically stops the motor.

After the delay interval of the delay circuit, the controller automatically drives the tube expander counterclockwise to make the expander begin to loosen.

When the release time reaches the preset exit time, the controller disconnects the power of the expander motor, and the expander stops, thereby completing a tube expansion process.

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