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Hydraulic tube expander YZ-350D

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product description

I. Features:

1. It is possible to perform one-time uniform expansion of the full thickness of the 15-1500mm thick tube sheet;

2, can carry out full thickness expansion of intermediate tube plate or multi-tube plate heat exchanger of any depth;

3, can be expanded on the internally threaded pipe or the welded pipe;

4. The residual stress of the device after being expanded is low, and it is not easy to produce crevice corrosion;

5. After the heat exchanger is expanded, the axial direction is not elongated and slightly shrinks, which is beneficial to reduce running noise;

6. The error of the inner hole of the pipe is large, and the diameter of the expansion head can be properly adjusted on site;

7. There is no pollution at the expansion joint, and the welding is not affected after the first expansion;

8. It is very convenient to directly swell at the edge of the heat exchanger with the pipe box;

9, a single person can continuously expand, can expand 4-6 heads per minute;

10. The comprehensive economic benefits have been greatly improved.

Adjust pressure instructions

1. Hydraulic expansion pressure of conventional tube sheet and heat exchange tube: (refer to the table below)

2. The strength expansion needs to meet the slotting requirements: the groove width is 8-10mm. Due to different materials, batches, groove widths, etc., the expansion pressure can be adjusted according to the degree of “expansion” after the test expansion;

3. If the material and specifications of the tube sheet and the heat exchange tube are different from those in the table, or there are special expansion joint requirements, it is recommended to first perform the expansion joint test, whichever is the result of the test.

Second, technical parameters:

Project Unit Data
Host model   YZ-350D type
Maximum expansion pressure MPa 350
Expansion speed Times / min 4—8
Minimum expansion tube inner diameter Mm Not less than 5
Expand the thinnest tube sheet Mm 15
Expansion coefficient Outside diameter / inner diameter Strength expansion <1.25; sticking <1.4
Expanded media   Emulsion or water
Single player operation Name 1
Expanded rod interface Mm M10×1
Machine weight Kg 350
Operating handle weight Kg 1.5
Dimensions Mm 1100×800×900
Input power Kw 4.5
Power/air source VAC Three-phase AC 380V/50Hz
Holding time S 0~9S can be adjusted

Three, video display

Tube expander YZ-350D video