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Mechanical expansion is the most commonly used method at home and abroad. The tools for mechanical expansion have the distinctions of electric, pneumatic and manual. In addition to the disadvantages of high labor intensity, low work efficiency, and damage to the pipe, the method is also difficult to perform full thickness expansion on a heat exchanger having a tube sheet thickness of more than 100 mm. The modern equipment is operated under high parameters. The thickness of the tube sheet of the heat exchanger is getting thicker and thicker. The heat exchanger with the thickness of the tube sheet exceeding 200 mm is not uncommon. It is impossible to use the traditional mechanical expansion technology. The thick tube plate heat exchanger performs full thickness expansion, so that the gap between the heat exchange tube and the tube sheet is difficult to eliminate, leaving a hidden danger of gap corrosion.


Use the strength of the mechanical expansion joint expansion groove, generally 363, meaning 3mm wide groove, empty 6mm, and then a 3mm wide groove. The depth of the grooves is generally between 0.5 and 0.6 mm.


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