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Expansion effect

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The method of expansion and joint use, from the processing process, mainly has several forms of strength expansion + sealing welding, strength welding + sticking, strength welding + strength expansion. The term "sealing welding" as used herein refers to the welding that guarantees the sealing performance of the heat exchange tube and the tube sheet, and does not guarantee the strength; "swelling" refers to eliminating the gap between the heat exchange tube and the tube hole and does not bear the pulling force. Mild expansion. If the strength expansion is combined with the sealing welding, the expansion joint is subjected to the pull-out force, and the welding ensures the tightness. If the strength welding is combined with the swelling, the welding is subjected to the pulling force, and the expansion is eliminated to eliminate the gap between the pipe and the tube sheet. As for the order of expansion and welding, although there is no uniform regulation, it is generally considered that it is better to first expand after welding.

Expansion joints are mainly used for sealing performance requirements; subjected to vibration or fatigue loads; crevice corrosion; where composite tube sheets are required.