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Hydraulic tube expander YZ-500E

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One, overview

With the increasing demand for heat exchanger production at home and abroad, under the conditions of high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive and strong corrosive medium, the quality requirements for the expansion tube are also higher and higher, and the traditional backward The mechanical expansion joint process can no longer meet the requirements. The hydraulic expansion joint technology in the manufacture of heat exchangers in the fields of chemical industry, power station, boiler, nuclear power and air conditioning has been widely used. The hydraulic expansion technology can be used to reliably expand the heat exchangers of various specifications and materials. It is especially suitable for the expansion of thick tube and large diameter tube heat exchangers. The heat exchanger manufactured by the technology has uniform and reliable expansion quality, no corrosion, no looseness, long service life and low failure rate. The expansion operation is simple in operation and fast in expansion speed, which greatly shortens the manufacturing or maintenance time, reduces the loss of equipment production, and has high economic benefits.

As a company dedicated to the research and development of hydraulic expansion technology and equipment manufacturing, our company has successfully developed hydraulic expansion equipment used in large heat exchanger units and series of leading products such as automatic tube plate slotting and tube head flattening. It has also been widely used in other fields, greatly improving the quality and efficiency of heat exchanger equipment production.

The company's newly developed high-pressure hydraulic tube expander has a faster pressurization, a more stable system and more efficient work. After the continuous upgrading of the hydraulic system, the drawbacks of the common oil leakage of the domestic hydraulic system have been successfully solved. At the same time, the continuous innovation of the expansion joint process has enabled the expansion of the application range of the expansion joint. After more than ten years of unremitting efforts and improvement, the products occupy the technological frontier.

Second, features

1, for 15 & mdash; 1500MM thick tube plate for a full thickness of one-time uniform expansion, no segment expansion, saving time and effort.

2. The intermediate tube plate or multi-tube plate heat exchanger of any depth can be expanded.

3. Extend the internal threaded pipe or the welded pipe with seams.

4. The residual stress after expansion is low, and it is not easy to produce crevice corrosion.

5. After the heat exchanger is expanded, the axial direction is not elongated and slightly contracted, which is beneficial to reduce running noise.

6, the tube inner hole error is 1mm or even higher, can be stable expansion tube.

7. There is no oil pollution in the expansion joint, no need to clean, you can directly enter the next process.

8. The edge of the heat exchanger with the pipe box can be directly expanded and connected, which is very convenient.

9, a single person can continuously expand, can expand 4 & mdash per minute; 8 tube heads.

10. The comprehensive economic benefits have been greatly improved.

Three, technical parameters:

Project Unit Data
Host model   YZ-500E type
Maximum expansion pressure MPa 500
Expansion speed Times / min 4—8
Minimum expansion tube inner diameter Mm Not less than 5
Expand the thinnest tube sheet Mm 15
Expansion coefficient Outside diameter / inner diameter Strength expansion <1.35; sticking <1.55
Expanded media   Water
Single player operation Name 1
Expanded rod interface Mm M10×1
Machine weight Kg 450
Operating handle weight Kg 1.5
Dimensions Mm 1200×900×1100
Input power Kw 5.5
Power/air source VAC Three-phase AC 380V/50Hz
Holding time Seconds 0~999S can be adjusted
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Standard tube plate and heat exchange tube hydraulic expansion joint reference pressure value: (unit: MPa)

Heat Exchange Tube Specifications φ outside / φ inner wall thickness coefficient 10# steel paste expansion 10# steel strength expansion 20# steel paste expansion 20# steel strength expansion Special steel paste expansion Special steel strength expansion
φ25×2;φ38×3;φ45×3.5;φ57×3.5 1.1-1.2 130-140 150-160 150-160 170-180 180-190 200-210
φ9×1;φ12×1; φ16×1.5;φ19×2 φ25×2.5;φ32×3 1.2-1.3 140-150 160-170 160-170 180-190 190-200 210-220
φ19×2.5;φ25×3; φ27×3.5;φ38×5 1.3-1.4 150-160 170-180 170-180 190-200 200-210 220-230
φ19×3;φ25×4;φ32×5 1.4-1.5 160-170 180-190 180-190 200-210 210-220 230-240