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Liquid bag expansion rod

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1 Preparation before expansion joint

1.1 Inspection of the heating surface pipe before installation, the following requirements shall be met

1.1.1 The surface of the pipe shall be free of defects such as heavy skin, cracks, flattening and severe corrosion. When the surface of the pipe has other defects such as nicks, pitting, etc., the depth shall not exceed 10% of the nominal wall thickness of the pipe.

1.1.3 The convection tube bundle shall be inspected and corrected. The school tube platform shall be flat and firm. The size error of the stakeout shall not exceed 1mm. The corrected pipe shall be in line with the solid line of the stakeout. The local clearance shall not exceed 2mm and shall be carried out. Trial inspection.

1.1.4 The arrangement of the heated surface tubes should be neat, and the deviation between the local tube sections and the design and installation position should not be greater than 5mm. 1.1.5 The inclination of the end face of the expansion joint shall not be greater than 1.5% of the nominal outer diameter of the pipe and not more than 1 mm.

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