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Type A slotting device

product description

I. Introduction

With the wide application of hydraulic strength expansion technology, the requirements for tube plate slotting are getting higher and higher. The user's original self-made simple slotting device can not meet the requirements of hydraulic strength expansion and opening 8-15mm wide groove. Therefore, in order to solve the problems of this part of the user, the company has successfully developed a tube plate slotter that can meet the requirements of hydraulic strength expansion and slotting.

YFK-8A, 8B, 8C, 10A, 10B, 10C, 12A, 15A series slotting device is a special device for slotting the inner hole of heat exchanger tube plate which can meet the requirements of hydraulic strength expansion. It is our company adopting the United States. And a domestic multi-purpose slotter designed and improved by domestic advanced technology. They are composed of three parts: (1) the main body, (2) the arbor, and (3) the blade. Different types of slotting machines are available according to customer requirements. The shank and blade are customized according to user requirements. The shank is custom made to the aperture and the blade is customized to the groove width.

Second, characteristics

1. High production efficiency, 1-2 holes per minute can be opened;

2, automatic positioning, adapt to the common hole of various specifications of the pipe hole;

3, 3-6-3 double groove molding, 6-15 single groove molding;

4. High quality and good reliability of slotting;

5, can be grooved according to the requirements of hydraulic expansion;

6, can choose any shape slotting tool (example: rectangular, triangular, single slot, double slot, etc.).

Third, technical parameters


Fourth, the operation method

1. Selecting tools: According to the requirements of the tube plate to be processed, the tool can be selected. At the same time, the tool holder can be self-prepared according to different rules. The blade holes must be finished by machining, and the blade sharpening must meet the processing requirements.

2, loading knife:

lYFK-8A, 10A slider type slotting device (see Figure-1)

Loosen the set screw (1) and adjust the tool holder (2) and the blade (3) to the required machining size according to the size of the base hole. (Note: the blade should be mounted on the flat side of the tool bar or the pair of bolts 5) p>

Figure-1 YFK-8A, 10A slider type slotting device

1 set bolt 2 shank 3 blade 4 tip 5 set bolt 6 Mohs handle

()), tighten the screws (1). Loosen the set screw (5), insert the shank (2) fully, and tighten the bolt (5) to press the flat part of the shank (2).

3. Clamping: The slotting device can be mounted on a common rocker drilling machine or a drilling center by a Mohs handle.

4, the main engine speed: According to the different specifications of the processing, according to the above table select a reasonable speed.

5. Infeed: When the top tapered surface of the main body is aligned with the machined hole, the free positioning without load is adopted first, then the rocker arm of the drill press is fixed, the force is pressed, and the main body is rotated by the rotation of the main shaft to make the tool holder automatically feed horizontally. Until the required groove for processing is completed, each hole operation takes only 0.5-1 minutes.

Five, matters needing attention

1. During the slotting process, the speed should not be too high to avoid damage to the tools and parts.

2, the bolts of the fixed blade must be tightened, but can not be used too hard!

3. When the groove is grooved, the tool should be freely positioned on the workpiece, otherwise the groove will be eccentric.

4. The sliding part should maintain good lubrication performance. Lubricants should be refilled frequently and kept clean and free of seizures.

5. Regularly add lubricating oil for bearings.

6. The choice of tool holder and tool should be within the parameter range